Review: The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold (The Demon Cycle #1.5) by Peter V. Brett


3 out of 5 stars | Goodreads

I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

I first discovered Peter V. Brett’s Demon Cycle series three years ago, when I picked up The Painted Man from my local library. I absolutely fell in love with the series, and have now read and reviewed all three books in the series so far. The first book is definitely my favourite of the three, so I thought it would be interesting to go back to Arlen’s roots with these short stories.

However, fans of Abban and Leesha will also be pleased, as they each have their own short stories in this volume. My favourite was the first, the story of Arlen and the thundersticks, his first encounter with snow demons and another battle with One-Arm, the rock demon hellbent on killing him.

I’ve mentioned in previous reviews of short stories that I find them difficult to review, because often I’m left a little disappointed and wanting more. This volume does not suffer from this, being an accompaniment to a longer series, but it didn’t really add anything necessary. However, it was interesting nonetheless, and something to quench the thirst until I can get my hands on the recently released fourth book. A recommendation for anyone who enjoys Brett’s writing, and especially those who can’t wait for book five!

Monthly Roundup

Monthly Roundup: June 2015


Every first Wednesday of the month, I’ll be posting a roundup of the month just gone, and writing about what’s to come in the next few weeks.

June 2015

Last month I read a total of ten books: Vortex (Insignia #2) by S.J. Kincaid, Promise of Blood (The Powder Mage #1) by Brian McClellan, The Witch Hunter (The Witch Hunter #1) by Virginia Boecker, Way Down Dark (The Australia Trilogy #1) by James Smythe, Time Salvager by Wesley Chu, The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold (Demon Cycle #1.5) by Peter V. Brett, Armada by Ernest Cline, The Ships of Aleph by Jaine Fenn, The Parthenon by Mary Beard and The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North.

I managed to read more this year, due to handing in my thesis and having no work to do – what a relief! 😉 I read some really great books this month. Time Salvager and Armada really stood out, and the latter was definitely worth the wait.


Challenge progress:

  • I read five books towards the DC vs Marvel Challenge. Next month’s villain is Bane, and I’ve already managed to select my books to defeat him.
  • I have currently read 41 books towards my Goodreads goal.


Currently reading:


How was June for you?