Thoughts #28: Blogging and Studying


One of my major worries last year about moving to the Netherlands to study was my lack of blogging time. As August drew closer, I suddenly felt confident that I’d be able to manage it – it’s not like I’d have NO free time at all, right?

But you know what? It’s been REALLY difficult to balance.
I mean UGHHH.

I mean UGHHH.

I didn’t factor in several things:

  • the fact that I’d actually have a social life and want to leave my room like a normal person, rather than the recluse I’ve been for the past two years
  • that I need to get out and EXPLORE this country (and the others surrounding it) whilst I can
  • that maybe sometimes I just won’t feel like writing posts when I have the time, not to mention replying to comments and commenting on other blogs
  • a Masters degree actually involves a LOT of work. I mean a LOT a lot. I work hard, but I have more of a variety of hobbies to balance out in my free time than last time, and it’s getting the balance right between working the right amount and driving myself crazy with work that’s difficult

I know I’m still posting a decent amount, but I rarely feel entirely happy with my posts. Before I spent ages on them, making sure each one was written to my heart’s content (or at least close!), but now I feel like I’m just writing to make sure it gets done. I also feel like my reviews have no real passion anymore – when I read I don’t want to feel bogged down by making notes, so I might try writing a few reviews just from memory and see if that changes things.

Another issue I’m having is feeling really awful about not commenting on any other blogs! I really appreciate every comment received on here, and wish I could return them all. I’m really sorry for not commenting back – but even my own blog is fairly low priority in the grand scheme of things.

I want to emphasise that I am not going anywhere. I just wanted to explain my lack of presence within the blogosphere – normally I’d be commenting, Tweeting and chatting away everyday, but I hope my lovely readers can understand when I say that I currently have some very important things to concentrate on. So if my usual features disappear for a while, or I don’t post at all for a few weeks, you’ll know why.

Not how I want to end up feeling!

Not how I want to end up feeling!

How do you deal with blogging and studying? Do you have any advice for me? I would really appreciate any tips that anyone can share!


19 thoughts on “Thoughts #28: Blogging and Studying”

  1. “that maybe sometimes I just won’t feel like writing posts when I have the time, not to mention replying to comments and commenting on other blogs”

    So nice to see other people admit this truth. I love my blog, and I enjoy the blogs of others, but there are periods throughout the year that get busy and/or where I just want to place an emphasis elsewhere for awhile and I find myself completely disinterested in either writing on my own or visiting others.

    It used to make me feel bad, and I wouldn’t say that has entirely went away, but I’ve come to realize that life is indeed busy and that it is okay to prioritize elsewhere when I’m just not feeling it for blogging at the moment.

    Glad you aren’t leaving, but please do go out guilt-free and enjoy this grand adventure that you are currently on…while making time to study, of course.

    1. Yep, sometimes after reading a load of papers it feels like more work :/ Which makes me feel guilty, but then again I’m not getting paid to do this, I’m doing it in my own time so if I don’t FEEL like doing something then I need to keep reminding myself that I don’t HAVE to.

      Thank you for the kind words – it’s also so nice to hear this from other bloggers!

  2. Honestly I think the worst thing you can do is make yourself feel guilty about anything – blogging should be fun, so don’t stress yourself out when real life stuff needs to take priority. 🙂 You’re studying a subject you love in a new country, it’s only right that you’re enjoying it!

    1. Yes, exactly 😀 I don’t want to spend my time here feeling like I should be working on blog posts instead of going out. I just have to grab my inspired moments and write when I can and WANT to 🙂

    1. Thank you Aloi! I have days where I feel inspired or in the mood to write (which is why you see posts like this 😉 ) and other days where I just cannot think of a thing I want to write.

  3. Your blogging issues sound so much like mine, except yours are from studying and mine are from having kids! 🙂 I know that feeling of writing posts just to get them done…and feeling guilty about not commenting on other blogs as much. (Seriously, every comment you get from me these days should be viewed as a huge prize. LOL) I felt bad about it at first, but now I just take it month by month and do what I can. The people who follow me consistently won’t go away forever if I have a slow month…and when my kids get a little older and I have some time back, I will rebuild the rest of my follower base. I had to come to terms with that, but I know it’s hard when you’re such an active blogger for so long!! Don’t let it stress you out…do what you have to do and your readers will be here when you return. 🙂

    1. Haha, and sorry I haven’t commented on your blog in forever! 😦

      That’s true, I’d hope my regular followers wouldn’t just give up on me if I don’t post for a few weeks or something. It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the regular readers and the conversations and friendships 🙂

  4. I really appreciate hearing your thoughts about blogging, and I’m also glad you aren’t planning to stop! I think some bloggers put so much pressure on themselves they break down at some point and quit. And that would be a real shame. I definitely sympathize. I work full-time and I’m getting a masters, and I know I could do so much more with my blog if I was more committed, but I still love it, for as much time as I can give it.

    Living/studying in another country is a dream I’ve always had. It sounds like an amazing opportunity. So please don’t let anything keep you from enjoying it!

    1. Yes, I definitely don’t want to do that, I feel I’ve put in too much effort to just give up – especially as things will be much easier once I’m done studying.

      Thank you 🙂

  5. Gah I totally understand Rinn! Just have fun in the Netherlands ok? You might NEVER GET THIS CHANCE AGAIN. SO EXPLOREEEEE. Don’t worry about us we’ll always be here!

  6. Don’t feel bad! You should blog, first and foremost, to satisfy yourself and not others so don’t worry if you post irregularly or can’t always respond to comments. I’ve enjoyed the posts you’ve made since you moved just as much as the ones from before, and will no doubt continue to do so 🙂 Enjoy yourself and remember that this is a hobby, not an obligation (I mean that in a nice and not patronising way!).

    1. Yes, it’s taken me a month to reply to a load of comments – oops 😉

      Thank you, I’m glad to hear that 😀 And yes, you’re totally right.

  7. As other posters have already advised, you should not feel guilty for not finding enough time to blog: this should be a FUN activity, something we do to share our thoughts with other people – the moment it becomes a chore, or a burden, or both, it loses that “fun quality” we look for.
    Sharing those thoughts is a little like spending time with a book we’re interested in: if the time is not right, the book will wait for us (books are very patient friends… 🙂 ) and be there when we’re ready for it. The same will go for blog posts!
    Hang in there!!!!

    1. Yep! I’m actually feeling a little motivated at the mo so I’m catching up with my comments then sorting out some blog posts 🙂

      Lovely words, thank you 😀

  8. I understand how time consuming school must be! I just moved to Greece to finish my law degree and it is killing me! Balancing blogging and school and a social life and actual time off of everything is hard! I usually find myself disregarding school and doing everything else (like now). I know I shouldn’t, but I am such a procrastinator! Anyway, I completely understand your dilemma, which is why I have a co-blogger now, for when times get really hard and I simply cannot keep blogging for a while. Like, next February. I already know I won’t be able to blog and I barely have any time now as it is, so I am not scheduling posts for that period. I scheduled for January, and that has been work enough. But my co-blogger is understanding and as long as I take care of all of the technical stuff like coding and layouts everything is cool even if I need to distance myself for a month or two from blogging. 🙂

    1. It’s definitely a lot harder to balance than I reckoned! I’ve been a major procrastinator over the past few weeks, so I kind of feel I need to work extra hard over the holidays to make up for it, since I’ll be at home and won’t have my Leiden distractions, but somehow I’ve already been home for a week and not gotten much done…

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