Things I Have Learnt From My Thesis…

So I’m 22,500 words into my thesis. I have one chapter and the conclusion left and I’ve just been utterly stuck. The draft is due in for 1st May, but my sister is visiting from 26th-29th April, and this Saturday is going to be busy too. So, with a deadline looming over my head and (academic) writer’s block, what better than to write a post about it?! This is also the reason for a lack of posts lately – and I’ve got about seven books read and waiting to be reviewed.

Fran knows how I feel. (image source)
Fran knows how I feel. (image source)
  1. Procrastination knows no boundaries… I should be working on it as I write this. Cleaning my flat suddenly became a LOT more interesting. As did organising my clothes.
  2. The view from my room is fascinating. People watching is my new hobby.
  3. Coffee is my friend. Until the effect wears off.
  4. Literally 90% of my thesis stress comes from Microsoft Word. I’ve been writing chapters using Scrivener, but I’m using Word to compile everything and it’s the worst thing in the world. It’s like it sees you want to place something in an exact spot and goes ‘NOPE! NOT HAPPENING! YOU WANT TO ADD FIGURES?! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? FOOL!’.
  5. Music is ESSENTIAL. But it has to be the right music, namely film/video game soundtracks and classical music. Something without lyrics, but also epic – to accompany my quest to finish this thesis…
  6. Finding the right font is a time consuming, yet important, process. Those sub-titles need to look perfect.
  7. As is formatting chapters before the whole thing is finished just because it feels productive.
  8. And thinking up a snappy title.
  9. Below the word count?
    Below the word count? Sorted! (image source)
  10. The thesis becomes 80% of your conversation topics, in one way or another.
  11. It’s also the first thing you think of in the morning, and the thing you fall asleep worrying about. Or don’t sleep well because of.
  12. The gym is a wonderful distraction. I never thought I’d say that sentence.
  13. Non-uni related book guilt becomes worse.
  15. Sometimes it’s best just to write SOMETHING, even if that something is crap, and look over it later.
  16. I’m totally cool with wearing the same outfit 5 days in a row. Who’s going to see me?
The final deadline is 15th June. Wish me luck!