Sci-Fi Month

Sci-Fi Month 2014: Out With A (Big) Bang… And An Apology


This post is part of Sci-Fi Month 2014, an event hosted by myself and Oh, the Books!. You can keep up to date by following @SciFiMonth on Twitter, or the official hashtag #RRSciFiMonth.

Somehow it is already the end of November. I looked forward to this month all year because it meant the return of Sci-Fi Month, co-hosted with some wonderful people – and it’s gone by in a flash. I’ve barely been able to take part and for that I want to apologise.

Life has been crazy. November has been one big whirlwind, the work has piled up and I’ve let myself be dragged into so many social occasions and neglected said work, therefore it has piled up even more. My life has pretty much been lectures, preparing for lectures, thesis reading and socialising. When I haven’t been in my flat working, I’ve been out with friends. And since I was basically a social recluse during my Bachelors, I’m trying to not repeat that mistake and grab every chance I can whilst I’m here. I’ve barely been making the time to read, let alone write blog posts!

As a result, Sci-Fi Month for me has not been what I expected. I’ve not managed all of my planned posts, some things have gone up late, I’ve not commented on everything – but I will get round to comments over the next month. On 13th December I am flying home to the UK, where I plan on relaxing for a little while before getting back to thesis work – and during that time I will be doing some major blogging and commenting!

So the main point of this post is just to say that I’m sorry for being such a neglectful host this year, and I’m especially grateful for the assistance of Kelley and Asti – especially Asti who single-handedly ran the Twitter account this year, as well as sending out newsletters, maintaining our sign-up spreadsheet and lots of other little but time-consuming jobs, all whilst working. Asti, I really need to take a leaf out of your book!

Thank you SO MUCH to Asti and Kelley, without whom I’m sure Sci-Fi Month just would not have happened!

Asti & Kelley deserve WAY more than one star, Bernard.
Asti & Kelley deserve WAY more than one star, Bernard.

8 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Month 2014: Out With A (Big) Bang… And An Apology”

  1. I completely understand. There was too much going on for me to officially join in, though I did enjoy reading some science fiction during November and had fun popping over here to read, and occasionally comment, on the posts. Thanks for hosting once again, it really is a fun month and you do a lot of great things to keep it fun.

  2. I can’t believe the month is over, and it was a lot of fun. Don’t feel bad, life happens and I think all of you hosts did a great job. This year was my first but I’ll be back next year if you do it again- it was a lot of fun and so many good posts.

    1. Thank you Greg, although I honestly think Kelley and Asti need about 99.9% of the credit for the hosting! I hope to do it again next, and actually properly host it…

  3. I don’t know how the end of November arrived so quickly, either! I sympathize since I also didn’t do as much as I wanted this month, but I don’t think you should feel too badly since this month was a great success with many awesome posts. Thanks for hosting it again, and thanks also to Kelley and Asti for their work. Asti did an amazing job keeping up with all the posts on Twitter!

  4. Real life can be a merciless slave-driver, so I understand your frustration… And there is indeed the added bonus that all the wonderful entries posted over this month are still there to be enjoyed at leisure.

    Thank you for co-hosting this wonderful event: it was my first year and it was an amazing experience. Next year will be even better, I’m sure!

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